Writing a Range Plan and a Ranch Drought Plan Workshops Set for August 26th and 27th

Has the stress and worry of the present drought caused you to question the way in which you make management decisions on the grazing lands you operate?  If your grazing lands or pastures could talk would they answer the question the same as you?

Over the past couple of growing seasons, statements often heard are “I don’t like the way my pastures look” or “I sure have had an increase in weedy type plants” since the drought has been in place.  Both are indications that we are starting to question the impact of our decisions or at least at a minimum are concerned about the plant communities we have responsibility for managing.

With droughts which have staying power like this current one, the stress to both the land and the manager can accumulate.  This leaves one hopefully asking the question, “How can I pre-decide actions to take when these conditions arise or persist?”

The answer to that question is to gain a better understanding of how climate and plant communities interact with one another, and when do I need to act on pre-decided management decisions based upon observations?

The Kansas Grazer’s Association along with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) will be hosting two one-day drought plan writing workshops, in August:
  • Monday 8/26: NRCS office at 3020 W. 18th, Emporia, Kansas;
  • Tuesday 8/27: NRCS Conference Center at 747 Duvall, Salina, Kansas.
Attendees will be encouraged to identify critical decision dates at their ranch location and decisions which they can make before actual drought conditions are present. Attendees will also be encouraged to seek the development of a ranch forage inventory which is the benchmark for fine tuning all decisions on the ranch.
Download the Registration Form

Each workshop will begin at 9:30 a.m. and finish mid-afternoon.  Space will be limited, so please RSVP to Mary Howell by August 22, 2013.

RSVP for Emporia on 8/26 Now!

RSVP for Salina on 8/27 Now! 

For additional information contact Mary at kfu.mary@gmail.com  or call 785-562-8726.

There is no cost for this workshop. Ranchers are encouraged to attend to learn how to write a good plan for the ranch. Lunch will not be provided; a break at noon is scheduled.

The Amazing Grazing project is a collaboration between the Kansas Graziers Association and the Kansas Farmers Union.
 Project collaborators include Kansas Grazing Lands Coalition, National Resources Conservation Service, Kansas State Research and Extension, and Kansas Center for Sustainable Agriculture and Alternative Crops. 
Funding for this project is provided by the North Central Risk Management Education Center and the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.


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